about nigel cooper photography

Nigel Cooper Photography was founded in 2000 from my passion for not only being a photographer, but also an image maker. I work intimately with every client, collaborating to deliver incredible work and great value. 



about nigel

My professional journey with photography began at Longlands College of Art and Design with a degree in visual design. After several years shooting and assisting notable photographers in London I left for opportunities on cruise ships and a chance to see corners of the world like the Amazon and Antarctica. But when the opportunity was right, I  jumped ship to marry my wife and choreographer Kirsten Cooper. Since then, I've worked with dancers, celebrities, and athletes alike and was the official photographer for the Seattle Sonics for 7 years. Some highlights include photographing Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis, Kevin Durant, the Seattle Seagals, Seattle Sounders, and Mandy Moore.